Sunday, March 26, 2006

I think I shot myself in the foot...that layout I thought was due by midnight was actually due at noon eastern, a fact that I realized with about 31 minutes to spare. I did get my layout submitted in time, and tomorrow we'll find out who moves on to the next round (8 out of 16 will move ahead). I just didn't get to do the exact layout I wanted to do, so I'm not very confident in my work. I'm mad at myself because I wasted so much time on the assumption that I had until midnight tonight. I guess I should just be glad I checked the requirements before the deadline had passed! Either way, it's done now so I will just have to keep my fingers crossed. If I don't move ahead this round, I can chalk it up to lessons learned and hopefully keep a much closer eye on my deadlines in the future! Eeeeek!


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