Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I stayed up late watching The Sopranos last night. It was the first episode in their 6th and final season (which I'm sure everyone knows, but just in case somebody came out from under their rock just to read my blog...). Was that a great episode or what? Definitely left me desperately wanting to know what was next!

Then I watched Walk the Line, finally. I had actually started it one night last week but only watched about the first 40 minutes then. So last night I finally saw the whole thing. Wow. What a great movie, great acting, great music, and a great love story! I'm definitely going to get the soundtrack today. Makes me wish Joaquin Phoenix had won the Oscar, but at least he got the nom. I have always loved Johnny Cash, as I was watching the movie I was trying to remember when I first heard of him or became aware of him, and I couldn't. I spent my childhood in a strictly religious home, but since Cash was considered a good Christian guy by then his music was on the short list of things we were allowed to listen to. And by we I mean my mother, so I listened to him from a really young age. My first memories of music are actually Johnny Cash and John Denver, of all things. I was a '70s baby, what can I say!

Also, I started watching Domino because I really like Kiera Knightly and I thought it might be interesting to see her in that kind of role. It quickly became clear to me, though, that that is exactly what the movie is all about..."watch Kiera Knightly In a Different Role To Prove She is a Well Rounded Actress". Talk about hitting you over the head with the premise of the movie. Ok, I got it! She can be a tough guy, and also men like to see pretty women do tough guy stuff, but only if they continue to look pretty and do said tough guy stuff in the least amount of clothes practical. Natch.


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