Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I had a really hard time logging on here again yesterday to post, I don't know what the deal was but it seems to be working fine today! Yesterday looked like this:
  • housework
  • watched the Sopranos from the night before. That was kind of an interesting episode, not very much action or moving forward of the plot, but a lot of symbolism in Tony's dream sequences, and interesting behavior on the part of Paulie, Sil, Vito and the rest. I wonder what Kevin Finnerty means? It has to mean *something*.
  • almost finished the laundry!
  • Did day 1 of Rhonna's 21 day art journal challenge
  • finished 1 layout and started another
  • found out I didn't move on to Elite Eight status in that contest. That's ok, because of my screw-up with not realizing when it was due I had to use an old layout that I did a couple of years ago that just happened to fit the requirements, so I didn't have much hope. I had to submit something, just on the chance that it was good enough to move me to the next round, but I'm not surprised.
  • watched Prison Break and 24 last night. I'm rapidly losing interest in Prison Break, I don't think I'll be watching it any more. 24 is kind of ho-hum, too, but I was scrapping while I watched tv last night so it was just on in the background.

Today looks like:
  • went to to Target this morning and found what is probably the last box of Pepsi Twist in the city of Great Falls, lol! I've been drinking regular Pepsi and it's not totally {killing} me, but I was pretty excited to see that one last, battered and torn 12-pack of Pepsi Twist on the shelf. I also got this year's first box of Peeps, spring really is here!
  • I'm going to do day 2 of Rhonna's challenge, and more scrapping, and basically more of the same stuff today

Here's the layout I did yesterday, it is different than my usual style but I did that on purpose, just trying to stretch and try new things. And look, in the upper right corner, I doodled!

And here's a little spring-ness to leave you with this morning. I'm going to go open my box of Peeps so they can get nice and stale! Yum!!


Blogger Mary Jo said...

Gorgeous layout!! You have been busy!! :)

March 28, 2006 12:46 PM  

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