Thursday, March 30, 2006

I couldn't let today go by without posting *something* on my blog, so here I am, even though I have nothing particularly blogworthy.

Oh, here's 4 year old fell off the couch and knocked her 2 front teeth loose tonight (she's fine, they aren't too loose and they'll be fine). Not 10 minutes later we were watching Survivor and Bruce got hit in the mouth with a machete (!), which broke off one of his teeth. And last night my hubby broke a filling eating a cheeseburger! So now we know, deaths and dental trauma really do come in 3s.

Today was all about grocery shopping, which despite the fact that I love to shop in general is NOT my favorite thing. I guess it's because I get sick of buying the same stuff all the time, but there is only so much variety you can have when you have a)4 kids with various degrees of pickiness to feed and b) a smallish grocery budget. So I'm just bored with grocery shopping, making it a weekly pain in my ass experience. After making my list this morning I realized I could get most of what I needed at Sam's Club, so that's where I and my Little Helper went. And were quickly reminded of exactly why I hate shopping at that cavernous cement floored hell hole. It was early afternoon, which I guess is prime time for the senior crowd. I swear to GOD I have never seen so many cranky old ladies in one place, never. Lots of small curly-haired women with tight mouths and sensible shoes, trailing slightly larger men with cowboy hats and watery eyes. You just hope they won't look at you, these men, because in their eyes you see how much they wish they could tell the bitch to shut the FUCK UP and then hop in the pickup and beat feet for the barn where the cows never talk back. It was a sad and disturbing hour we spent there, but on the other hand the middle aged Sams ladies were out in force with the free samples, so Lilly was occupied and kept well fed and hydrated for the hour.

It was exhausting. Thank god I won't have to do THAT again. Until next week. :-/


Blogger Mary Jo said...

HATE grocery shopping!!!!

March 31, 2006 5:40 AM  

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