Sunday, March 05, 2006


Here's an altered clipboard I did last night. I got a huge package of this foiled Creative Imaginations paper, along with the matching rubons and epoxy embellies, from for winning their layout contest. Since I had that stuff sitting on my desk, that pretty much directed the color scheme here, so I just went all out and made it pink and sparkly. I used Inspire as the theme, thinking that I can use it as an "inspiration board" above my desk, to stick things that I come across that inspire me. But I might give this way as a gift, so I dunno. It was just a fun project to play with, without worrying too much about having a certain goal in mind. This is smaller than a "normal" size clipboard, it's an oldie that I got a thrift store a while ago and it's a weird size, maybe about 7"x10" or so?

Since I was taking pics of that one, I went ahead and took some of another clipboard I did a while ago. This is a legal size one, so it's about 13 or 14 inches long. I have it on the wall above my desk and I keep a 12x12 page protector clipped into it. Whenever I finish a scrapbook page, I put it in there to display until the next time I finish one. It's pretty plain because most of it is covered up by whatever page I have there at any given time, but it's long enough that you can see the "create art" along the bottom, and of course you can see the ribbons at the top, which is what I use to hang it on the wall.


Blogger Lu said...

your clipboards are so nice. i love altered projects.

March 08, 2006 11:01 AM  

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