Saturday, March 25, 2006


I bet that last entry of mine was really fun to read, wasn't it? Note to self: Lighten up!

My friend Leslie called me exactly as I was pushing "publish" on that last entry, literally. Which was not a great moment for me to talk, being overcome with emotion and realizing, once again, how much I miss my Grandma. One of my kids answered the phone, though, and gave it to me right at that moment. It was a singularly bizarre experience, I literally couldn't speak, just couldn't even speak. Lucky for me, Leslie knows I'm a total freak and is no longer surprised by that, so she just said for me to call her back later and we hung up.

Anyway, I had my moment, locked myself in the bathroom so as to not have to answer any questions from the kids about why I was crying, and felt much better when the moment passed.

My lovely dh brought home a big cake that he made in his spare time at work today, made-from-scratch chocolate with made-from-scratch chocolate cream cheese frosting and a literal oodle of strawberries on top. yum!

Oh, and my brother and sister both called me just now, so all is right with the world. At least, with this one part of my little corner of the world.

Yesterday was day 3 in a row of no scrapping for me, and I have an assignment due today! Guess I know what I'll be doing all day, lol!

Thanks, Mary Jo, for the birthday wishes, too!


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