Wednesday, February 08, 2006

woo hoo! I'm hiding out here, away from all u2 sites and the entire blogosphere, lest someone spoil it for me. So far my boys have won 4 of the 5 Grammy's they were nominated for. The 5th is yet to come....of course, that's only because I'm in Mtn time. In reality it all happened hours ago, which is why I'm laying low trying not to find out anything just yet.

Wow, Mary BRUNG IT to One, didn't she? She really really gets that song and sang it with the emotion that it was meant to have. One is not a happy song, it's not a feel-good song, at least that wasn't the intent when Bono wrote it. It's a song about breaking up, basically, and all the emotion that goes with that. Mary gets it. Everyone who has ever had One played at their wedding does not.

Gwen Stefani makes a really cute pregnant person, I loved it when Bono kissed her belly! How cute. I also really really loved it....oh hang on, Bonnie Raitt is about to read the winner of album of the year....pins and needles here.....omg.......YES!!!!!! Holy bleeping shit......I'm so proud. Oh, Bono went and hugged Kanye. Oh wow, Adam is talking. He never talks! Nervous boy, look at him playing with his ring while he's talking.

Ok, well that was just so cool. I'm a happy girl. I need to go talk to my peeps on the boards and find out who the blonde chick is that was Bono's date tonight.....


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