Monday, February 06, 2006

Well, I'm rockin' and rollin' this morning! I got up at 5am with my hubby before he left for work, which was kind of nuts because one of the big deals about him getting a "new" car was that I wouldn't have to drive him to work when he does these early shifts. I was so glad to not have to do that anymore, and then today, the first early shift he's had since we got the 2nd car, I got up anyway! Typical nuts for you. Anyway, once he left I spent some quality time with my favorite blogs, and got a jump start on the laundry. I've done 4 loads so far, probably 3 or 4 left to do.

After I took the boys to school I stopped at Starbucks for my usual, a triple grande mocha. Hopefully that will keep me going throughout the rest of the morning at least. Getting up so early sure makes for a long day, but on the upside it's a day when I can get a lot done if I can just keep my energy level up there.

Besides the usual housework, I'm hoping to construct my laptop bag today. Not that I really need to have it done right away, I'm not going anywhere that I need to bring it with me, but it will be nice to have it done and sitting on my "new" bedroom desk. We have a lot of "new" around here, as opposed to new or NEW! "new" means, new to me. In the case of our 2nd car, it is a little '91 Ford Tempo which we paid $250 for and will be majorly cheap to register, insure and gas up. In the case of my "new" bedroom desk, that was part of the Big Computer Changeup. Previously, we had a 2-piece desk in the living room which held our desktop computer (tower and monitor), 2 printers (both broken) and a small set of metal-and-rattan desktop drawers that I got at Target years ago and adore. Sooo, after I got my NEW! laptop, I reformatted the hard drive in the desktop, which fixed it's worm/virus issues. Threw both broken printers in the trash (!), moved half of the 2-pc desk into an empty corner of my bedroom, and got a new printer (HP all-in-one for $40 at Sams Club! gotta love Sams!) and set it up along with my little set of drawers on the bedroom desk. By moving the desktop tower under the desk rather than having it on top we are able to have just the one part of the desk in the living room, and since the computers are set up on a wireless network we can still print off of the desktop even though the printer is in the other room. The final part of the Big Computer Changeup involves giving my old laptop (an IBM thinkpad, probably close to 8 or 10 years old now!) to Brittany, but I have a little work to do on it first. This particular Thinkpad came without a floppy or any drive other than the internal hard drive, so I can't add or remove any data from it right now. It has a PC card, but not one that has an ethernet port, and I lost the dongles cord that came with it, so I don't have any way to network it with my other computers. It also has a modem card, but since we are on cable and not dial-up internet, I can't connect it online and do a data transfer that way. I think I need to get on ebay and start looking for a replacement dongles, that might be the only solution to my problem unless I can find an external floppy for it.

whew, how was that for a big old ramble? Just kind of puking out whatever comes to mind and typing it as right now! I think I better go check the dryer...


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