Thursday, February 23, 2006

update to the mini-rant from earlier about bad customer service re: answering emails, I got a response (in email!) from the store owner saying that I should've called "like everyone else". All I can say is that if everyone else was calling her yesterday I'd have had a hard time getting through anyway! Seriously, I think this person has gone off the deep end. Everyone else?? What is she talking about? If you know me then you know that I just like people to be logical and make sense. That's really all I ask, people, behave in a way that doesn't fry my brain trying to figure you out, lol! I get enough of that from my children, after all!

Why someone would find it so hard to help me spend my (ok, my husband's) hard-earned cash at their store is beyond me, really.

Of course, the utter annoyance of this whole thing is probably magnified by the fact that I'm sick and haven't been out of the house since Monday night. Oh, I take that back, I have left for 10 minutes each afternoon to pick up the boys at school. Yay. I really need to get out of the house today! I think I'll go take a shower and put on some clothes (as opposed to the pj's I've been wearing all week), maybe this afternoon I will do something wild and crazy like drive to Starbucks or (gasp!) Target. Or both! lol!


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