Sunday, February 12, 2006


Here's an interesting link on lifehacker to an article in Psychology Today about the top 10 things you should know about procrastination. Some of it I already knew, or suspected, such as chronic procrastination is a great stumbling block on the road to success, and it is often basically formed from a fear of failure, or a fear of the unknown, even when that unknown is success. There were some interesting new things in the PT article, though, such as the effects procrastination has on the immune system.

I'll be the first to admit that I'm a huge procrastinator, it is a big problem for me and one that I am aware of and constantly struggling with. There are a lot of reasons why I procrastinate, and lots and lots of ways that I do it One thing I try not to do is to make a lot of excuses for why I don't get things done. Being that I have a large family I have the perfect built-in excuse for just about anything from forgetting dates/appointments/etc to going out without brushing my hair (or with my sweater on backwards, which I actually did on Friday!). Of course my family *does* keep me busy, but it's more likely that I "accidentally on purpose" forgot to bake 4 dozen cookies, or just couldn't meet that deadline, etc etc. It drives me totally insane when I run into a friend or acquaintance and they say "hey, sorry I haven't called you, I've been so busy!". Please. Everyone is busy these days. If I am ever even close to being too busy to pick up the phone or shoot off an email, I really need to reorganize my priorities.

I'm always struggling with procrastinating, and it's hard because procrastinating is so dang easy. I've also learned over the years how to very effectively put things out of my mind that I don't like thinking about. This started out as a survival technique, but has also led to "forgetting" things like bills, the fact that my teeth are rotting out of my head, that I haven't talked to my sister for almost 6 months....little things like that. I've decided I need a new filter. Right now my brain is just letting WAY too much important stuff through to that dark, silent closet where only the Bad Things that keep me up at night are supposed to live. I didn't intend for family members and electric bills to disappear in there, honest.


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