Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I'm sorry...

I'm lame, I just don't have anything exciting or blogworthy right now. I feel like I'm kind of getting into a rut of talking about the same things all the time (migraine!) and that has to be boring to read. Basically I'm just feeling pretty apologetic and blah . Here's what's on my mind at this particular moment:

~watching American Idol again, we didn't watch the last couple of seasons (not since the one w/Reuben and Clay) and it's fun to be watching again. Also my favorite of favorite shows, Lost, is on tonight after AI. It's a Sayid-centric episode which will be great. I love saying that, last week it was Sawyer-centric which was fun to say but Sayid-centric is even more fun to say. Try it, you'll like it, you will see!

~Lost tonight means new episodes of the many Lost podcasts in the next few days, wooo hooo! I love my Lost podcasts. Well, most of them. I subscribed to the Lost Podcasting Network so I wouldn't have to find each individual one and sub to it, so iTunes automatically downloads each new episode of each podcast for me (for those of you who don't know much about podcasts). So I have listened to them all, and gave them all a chance, and they are mostly all good, but man. There is one that just sucks SO bad, I'm afraid if I listen to it again my ears will start bleeding. God it's bad. Otherwise, love the Lost podcasts!

~started a layout last night and didn't get a chance to finish it before I wore out and went to bed. Now I've totally lost my mojo with it and trying to pick up that thread isn't easy...

~my headache was gone, and I spent a nice quiet day with my hubby who had the day off. We went to Starbucks and I even dragged him along with me to the scrapbook store, but he waited in the car. It was a waste of time, anyway, nothing new that was worth getting. Bleh. Then after the kids got home I fell asleep watching Kim Possible with them (can you blame me?) and woke up with another killer headache. Ahhhh!! Ate dinner, thinking maybe it was low blood sugar or something, but that didn't help. Drank a pepsi, thinking it was a caffeine headache (not likely since I had a triple mocha, but you never know...), but that didn't help. Took 3 ibuprofen, that didn't help. Somebody just shoot me now! I need some of whatever it was House took last night for his self-induced migraine.....

~the boys are playing in Mexico City tonight and tomorrow night. People have been camped out since Sunday for tonights show, it's nuts!! U2 haven't played in Mexico for almost a decade, so it's not surprise. But camping out on the streets of Mexico City for 4 days?


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