Thursday, February 09, 2006

I'm having a wonderful, quiet, peaceful morning at home. At this moment I'm sitting on the couch watching Grammys recaps on tv, with the dog at my feet and the cat at my shoulder on the back of the couch. Lilly partied hard at the after parties last night and is still sleeping it off. Since we are now living it large with 2 cars, I didn't have to get her up and ready to take Larry to work. It's so nice! For the first time this week all the older kids are at school, so it's just me and sleepy Lilly and the animals.
Which is good, because I have a lot of websurfing to do! I missed most of Lost last night so I could watch the Grammys, so I'm anxiously waiting for some of the Lost podcasts to come out, and reading the Lost boards at Television Without Pity. Also catching up on American Idol last night, which I also missed but it sounds like it wasn't exactly a pivitol episode. I'm personally rooting for Lisa Tucker, simply because that is my sister-in-laws name (my maiden name is Tucker). I think that's a good reason to pick someone, don't you? Then of course there are hundreds of photos and videos of my boys from last night, not that I'm trying to read or see everything about them but I don't want to miss anything important! Still can't believe they cut Larry off when he was about to speak. Great, now he'll probably lose his usual cheerful countenance and go around looking all grumpy all the time.


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