Sunday, February 05, 2006

Here are some of yesterday's birthday highlights:

The birthday boy

Today Larry was off, and since he worked until 9 or so last night we weren't able to do a big birthday dinner yesterday, so we did that today instead. Can I just say that I hate hate HATE buffet/smorgasbord "restaurants"? They are popular with our family, and I admit that it's nice for the kids to be able to get exactly what they want in the amount they want. But god, I hate it. If I'm going to spend $40+ on a single meal I at the very least want it to be served to me at my table where I can relax and eat in relative privacy and anonimity. I can't stand queing up with a bunch of strangers and sharing communal serving utensils and dishes with them. Yuck! However, it's a tradition with our family that everyone gets to pick whatever they want for their birthday dinner, and Barrett wanted Golden Corral, so there we were. We did get the servers to come over and sing happy birthday to him which was great, wish I'd have had my camera along because he looked so cute with his big smile and blushing at all the attention.

Lest anyone forget, I'm typing this on my new best friend laptop. Since I got it, I've been looking around for a good case for it. I have my old laptop case, but this one is too big for it. I have a nice Eddie Bauer laptop carry bag, but it's not padded at all, so I wanted to find either another bag that I liked that had more protection, or a sleeve that I could put the laptop in and then use my EB bag. I don't know what it is, but I can't find anything even mildly palatable locally. So, I'm going to make one. Here's the fabric I chose, I love it!

The green is a nice mircofleece that I'll use for the lining. The floral is a canvas home dec fabric which should hold up well. I also found a yard of neoprene in the remnant bin, that will be great for the inner layer. I think I will just make a simple envelope-style sleeve, no extra pockets or anything. If I have any extra fabric leftover I'd like to make small bag for my mini-mouse and cables. I haven't done any sewing projects for quite awhile, so it's fun to have this to work on.


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