Friday, February 10, 2006

freaking genius

I'm so proud of my daughter, I just have to brag on her a little bit. Not only did she get a 3.9 on her latest report card, she was chosen (by teachers) to be on the school debate team, their first meet is next week. Then yesterday she got the news that she was chosen for Honors English next year (it'll be her first year in high school). I'm so proud of her! I hope I can get her to start practicing her speech tonight, I haven't heard it all yet but I love to listen to her "speech voice".

She also has a nice group of friends, there are 5 girls in this little group and they are all just really nice girls. You probably remember what it's like in 8th grade (I do, I hated it!). Even then, before high school even starts, people are falling into their roles. There are the geeky "weird" girls, there are the slutty wild girls, etc etc. Britt has had a couple of friends in the past that fell into the "wild" category, and I really hate that. I trust Britt, but I also know how powerful peer pressure can be. I'm frankly relieved that she's not as close to those girls now. Her friends are all smart and very pretty girls, they aren't unpopular "nerds" by any stretch, but they are also not the party girls. I hope it stays that way!

It is really gratifying to me to see Britt having such an easy road so far in school, both academically and socially. I was never popular in school, being both poor and painfully shy, and I have always hoped and prayed that my kids wouldn't have as hard a time as I did. Of course it's mostly luck, Britt is a gorgeous and smart girl and that is not because of my wonderful parenting but rather a lucky dip in the gene pool. That's just to say that, I'm not patting myself on the back here, just enjoying a lucky bit of serendipity. My little baby, the girl who has been by my side through most of my adult life and lots of good and bad times, is growing up into a smart, beautiful, compassionate, funny, witty woman, and I'm so happy, once again, that she is part of my life.


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