Thursday, February 23, 2006

Don't you hate it when people use the "I didn't get your email" excuse for their own shortcomings? Kind of like, "oh, I didn't get the message", or "the check is in the mail"! What's really sad this time is it's a local store that also has a "online" section. Not a great way to run your business, people! I could order something online from literally the other side of the globe and get it without problem, but to get even one of a series of emails through to a business less than a mile away, nuh uh. Ugh! If I were a store owner, which I hope I never am because that totally doesn't appeal to me personally, I will make it a point to not alienate my customers. Just doesn't seem like good business practice to me, but then I'm not the *professional*, so what do I know? {insert heavy dose of sarcasm to that last statement} It seems pretty clear to me that as a business owner the point is getting people to WANT to spend their money at your store, rather than making it as difficult as possible.

Ok, now that's off my chest and I can move on with my day. Not starting out too great what with boys fighting over a shirt (It's my shirt! No, it's MY shirt! I hate you, Mom, make him take it off! No, it's mine, I'm not taking it off! ad infinitum). Also a fresh blanket of snow, while it makes everything white and pretty, means icky driving conditions and little puddles of melted snow all over the floor. Add that to the fact that I look like I'm storing an egg inside my cheek, and it's enough to just make me want to go back to bed! Thank god it's payday, that at least will give me something to look forward to.


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