Saturday, February 11, 2006


That's what time it was this morning when the phone woke me up....5:17. It seems that Barrett, who was having a sleep-over at a friend's house, fell off the top of the bunkbed in his sleep and hit his forehead on a bookshelf that was next to the bed. You can probably imagine the carnage that ensued. The bottom line is that Larry, who also got woke up by the phone, drove over to pick him up and brought him home. Sometimes it's hard to tell if a wound needs stitches and/or medical attention. There are times, like when Lilly spilled boiling water all over her upper leg, that there is no question. But other times, it's just hard to tell. In the end we didn't take him in. It really didn't bleed THAT much, for a head wound. He has a pretty big goose egg and bruise, but that's not a bad sign. So we stayed home and let him go back to sleep. He's awake again now, the swelling is already going down, and I think everything will be fine. Good times, good times.


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