Thursday, January 26, 2006

my day in pictures....

disclaimer/preface: it's only 11:40am, so I have lots of day left to go! So far, though, here's how it's looking:

I got this stack of yummy books at the library, that should keep me busy for a bit!

At Target I got this great magnetic white board for my scrapping desk. It goes great with my new black/white color scheme, and I have lots of magnetic tins that need a home. Perfect!

Went to the scrapping store and got tons o'goodies. They are having their garage sale today, so some of this stuff was from that, got some great deals! Also I got Stacy Julian's book The Big Picture, the Quickutz punctuation die set, the adorable Quickutz snow angel, and well, you can see for yourself. Fun fun fun!

Lilly's not feeling too good today, she got the cold the boys had earlier this week. So while we were out I got her some cold medicine, and now she's resting and watching Diego and Dora on tv. Poor little thing! She definitely wasn't her usual self this morning but was really good about being drug along on all my shopping/errands this morning.

2nd disclaimer: I didn't edit these pics yet because my computer is acting up (I'm still waiting for my new one to come in! argh!) so I apologize for the utter crappiness.


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