Saturday, January 28, 2006

I'm feeling so spoiled right now. I got my new computer yesterday and got it all set up on a wireless network with our other computers, so I am able to be anywhere in the house and be online. We also just got digital cable in the house, and being the crafty woman that I am I bought some supplies at walmart and hooked up cable in all our bedrooms (the cable co said this is ok, that they would come out and do it for us but charge $25 per room). Sooooo, all that is by way of explaining that I am currently sitting on my bed, playing with the computer and watching Trading Spaces. This might not be too awfully exciting to some of you, but after so long of just barely having enough money to scrape by, it is nice to have a few extra "creature comforts" that aren't strictly necessary. Here's a pic of my new toy!
In other news, I found out today that I have made over $100 from my stuff that I took to the scrapbook store garage sale. That is so awesome, it's going to be so fun to have that to spend on whatever I want at the scrapbook store! I might get a new Quickutz alphabet,
or I might save it until the newest stuff starts coming in after the big trade show next week. It'll be a fun shopping spree, either way!

Poor Lilly is really sick, she has a chest cold and is just incredibly congested. At 4 she is old enough that if she refuses to take medicine there's not a lot I can do about it, and she absolutely refuses to take an expectorant, so the most I can do for her is keep the vaporizor running and keep putting Vicks on her chest. It is awful to hear her, she can barely talk and sounds so pathetic! Hopefully she'll be feeling better really soon, it is weird to have her so quiet and listless. I'm kind of starting to feel icky myself, so I hope I can nip it in the bud before I get sick too. As we all know, all holy hell breaks loose when Mom gets sick!


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