Wednesday, November 09, 2005

holy crap!

Holy crap! That is my sweet, darling 4 year old daughter's favorite phrase of the moment. I confess that I don't find it offensive but somehow obscenely cute, but I do know it's not that socially acceptable. But it's cute! So who cares!

Perhaps coincidentally, after another poop-tastrophe involving pediatric laxative suppositories and the imaginable ensuing mess, we (and by we I mean SHE) are now on a half-a-chocolate-ex-lax-a-day regimine and we have now pooped in a more "normal" manner 2 days in a row! Wooo hooo! I'm not even exaggerating at ALL when I say her bm following the suppository literally clogged up the toilet so much that I had serious doubts whether the plunger would do the trick in clearing it out. How something so BIG and hard could come out of her little body I have not a clue.

In other crap-tastic news, I spent *4 hours* at the plasma donation center this morning for a lousy $20. That is $5 an hour, PLUS I left like a gallon or something of my own very precious bodily plasma behind. Not sure I got the best end of that deal, but at least I had time to listen to several podcasts and part of an audio book. Really, though. Not my favorite way to spend a weekday morning. By the time we left (Lilly was with me, they have an awesome supervised kids room there) we were famished so I spent $6 of the $20 at McDonalds and another $4 at Starbucks. Not only that, but I just this minute drank the last of my triple grande mocha and I'm already thinking about going back by on the way to pick Larry up this afternoon. I know Starbucks puts crack in those things, I know it because yesterday I didn't have one and I had a horrible day followed by a deep and wonderful afternoon nap. I'm pretty sure there was a time in my life when having a good day didn't require at least one trip to Starbucks, but I can barely remember it....


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