Monday, October 17, 2005

Yes, it is possible to be bored to tears. As in, so bored that you start yawning every 90 seconds or so, and then yoru eyes start watering. Believe me, because that's pretty much all I've been doing for the past 2 days.

At the moment my family is at the in-law's hotel swimming, but they will be home soon and then the boredom will commence. I can't do any of my "usual" stuff because it would be pretty antisocial to go hang out in my room folding clothes, scrapbooking and watching tv. Instead we spent this afternoon playing Hand and Foot. Sounds kind of like a disease or something, doesn't it? All I can say about it is that when you find out a card game takes 4 complete decks of cards, you pretty much know from that moment that your afternoon is shot. Sheez. It wouldn't be so bad but I'm not a big card (or game) player, that's just not my cup o'tea.

Tonight we're having the ubiquitous fried chicken, and I've been informed that we are to have a rematch of this afternoon's game. Great, really looking forward to it. Times like this I wish we kept hard liquor in the house. I'm pretty sure that after a couple of stiff drinks I'd find a new way to make it through this evening, or I'd quit caring about not seeming antisocial and just go ahead and BE antisocial.


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