Monday, October 24, 2005

- vandals struck all over town on Fri and Sat nights, smashing out car windows with a bb or pellet gun, and our van was one of the ones struck. It sucks! I guess that's what happens when you park on the street. Larry and the kids are out right now vacuuming the glass out of the van and getting an estimate on replacing the window.

-I have a cold or flu, something anyway that is making me feel like total crap and I haven't gotten dressed or gone out of the house since Saturday. Which, by the way, I was unable to find the Rolling Stone w/Bono on the cover. hmph!

-on the upside, I've been creating like crazy and did 3 layouts this weekend. Getting that email on Friday about my first layout to be published really inspired me to keep creating! I think what is so cool about it and why it means so much to me is that it's the combination of my 2 passions, u2 and scrapbooking. Both of them are things I enjoy "selfishly", things I do just for me and it is awesome to have those 2 worlds come together in that way for me. Of course I do look forward to having other published layouts, and not all of them will be u2 layouts, but it is especially cool for me that this first one IS a Bono layout. :-)


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