Wednesday, October 05, 2005

this post is entirely for me and my husband, stemming from an argument we had yesterday whereby he let me know that I'm not doing enough around the house. Right! So, today I am keeping track of what I do, to show him later tonight. Probably really boring for the rest of you, so feel free to skip this entry, you won't miss anything important, I promise!

6am wake up to take him to work by 7am

7:05am get home from taking him to work, wake up boys and get them ready for school, wake up Lilly and get her ready to go too. Find clothes, socks, shoes, homework, book orders for boys.

8am load up both boys and Lilly, drive to the school, come home

8:15-8:45am read news, blogs, etc on computer, while eating breakfast and feeing Lilly (oops, we have no milk, no bread, somebody needs to go grocery shopping!)

8:45 start housework
15 minutes in the kitchen: clean sinks, put away clean dishes, wash both silverware organizers and put them back, put away clean silverware, wash 1st sinkful of dishes, start 2nd sinkful rinsing, get out new Mr. Clean magic eraser and wipe off fronts of drawers and cabinets by the sink, get out new EXTRA large garbage bag, start filling it up with empty milk cartons/cereal boxes from breakfast.

edit to add:
15 minutes on the computer, mainly to update this blog and reading some posts at 2peas!

15 more minutes in the kitchen, washing more dishes, looked at a stack of old photos I got from Grandma's condo last weekend, moved 2 boxes of "stuff" from G's from the kitchen table to the middle of my bedroom floor (deal with that when I move on to the bedroom, right??)

I'm already getting frustrated, it seems like I've been busting my balls this morning and the house is just as bad as it was. I think I'll stop in the kitchen for now, since the dishes are mostly done. Maybe if I concentrate on the living room at least I can get that one room clean and then it will seem like I've made some headway?? ugh.

edit again to add:

ok, so I didn't really go with that idea above. Instead I made my way back into the kitchen, finished up the dishes, cleaned out the sinks, then made lunch for the girls and I (Britt is home sick from school again today). Also made rice krispie treats for an after-school snack, then of course had all the lunch/treats dishes to wash. I also managed to get the table cleared off and wiped down, and magically erased the rest of the kitchen cupboards and walls. What did we do before the Magic Eraser came along??

After taking a lunch break to read while eating (bean and cheese tostadas with sour cream and green tabasco...yum!), I started on the living room. It's probably 80% done now, I just have the last corner of the room by the bedroom door to do and then I'll be done. Even pulled out the couch and vacuumed the bread crumbs and string cheese packages from behind it, and fixed the slipcover. (note: slipcovered couch + 4 kids + 2 adults + one lazy dog = constantly messed-up couch). Also halfway cleared off the top of the tv, started clearing off the desk, and had numerous arguments with Brittany about whether or not I was going to drop everything to run to the store and get more cough drops for her.

In another hour I will have to leave and start collecting various family members from school and/or work, and in that hour I have high hopes of actually taking the shower I alluded to yesterday. Later this evening while watching tv I really really hope I can make some headway on cleaning my bedroom/scrap room/tv room that has become the dumping grounds for anything and everything.

Lilly was just being suspiciously quiet so I called out to her "Lilly? Lilly! What are you doing?" and she answered from the bathroom "Making my hair pretty-ful, what do you think I'm doing?". Good question.


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