Sunday, October 02, 2005


since it's been crazy here, and since I don't have time to blog about it all right now, here are some teasers to keep you until I can come back and fill in the details:

1) my mom comes, and leaves. Gets arrested, we win a court case and go swimming while she's here.

2)I find out I rode an elephant and forgot about it. Really!

3)I begin to realize my Grandma really isn't coming back

4)Lilly is an only child for 2 hours

5)my boys put a new twist on cross-dressing

6)I take over 300 photos and have to pencil in 15 hours this week to edit and upload them all

7)once again I spend too much money on scrapbook supplies and too little time actually scrapbooking

8)I play hooky from work, luckily for me this is the job I never wanted and have tried repeatedly to quit, with mixed results.


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