Wednesday, October 26, 2005

So, today is a quiet Lilly-and-mama day. We went to Michaels, where I had hoped to find a new scrapbook-related magazine, but no luck. The only thing I bought was a .59 sheet of m&m's paper for Lilly. I'm sure she will cut it up into 67 little pieces and most of them will end up glued to something inappropriate for glueing. Oh well.
So then we went to Barnes and Noble, who also had no new SB magazines, but DID have the much-coveted Rolling Stone w/Bono on the cover. You KNOW I walked out of there with that little bundle of Bono-ey goodness. Also got the new Rachael Ray magazine, we used to watch her show on the Food Network and I love her, even though sometimes she gets on my nerves, lol!
I also donated plasma again today which I hadn't done probably 3 or 4 weeks. Gotta start saving up some $ if I want to have any hope of going to see u2 again in Dec!

My new favorite thing this week is listening to podcasts while I'm scrapping. I've been scrapping a LOT and was actually getting a little teensy bit tired of the music I was listening to (if you find out later that I died by lightening strike this afternoon, you'll know it was because of that last sentence I just typed). Anyway, I found some kind of fun podcasts, a couple of u2 ones, one that I liked and the other just seemed like it was a bunch of fans sitting around bitching about the fanclub and it's lack of perks. This, however, was the BEST by far: Rolling Stone's Podcast of Bono interview, part 1. Also found some craft/scrapbook podcasts, the one I really liked the most was Crafty Chica. I listened to Scrap Cast but I just wasn't into it, but I might go back and try to listen to another one of her 'casts, since that one was about scrapping your recipes. (I downloaded CraftyPod this afternoon, but haven't listened to it yet.) Then I started listening to a couple about Lost (the tv show) which were really funny and great since even though I love Lost I've been watching Martha's Apprentice instead. I did buy last week's episode through iTunes, though, so I didn't totally miss out. Have I mentioned how much I love living in the digital age??


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