Monday, October 03, 2005

phew, I just spent the last couple of hours editing about 60 pictures so I could upload them to Sam's and get them printed up. I have 200+ more that I took of the kids swimming at the hotel this weekend that I still need to go through and edit. Of course a lot of them I won't bother with, that's the beauty part of digital photos. Take tons and delete all the ones that don't turn out right for whatever reason! I still will end up with a LOT of swimming ones, though, and it will take me hours to go through them all in paint shop. So I'm going to take a break now and do something a little more active like laundry and/or dishes!

It's pouring rain now and a good day for staying home. Starbucks is definitely calling my name, but I'm trying to ignore it and stay focused. What is it that they put in those frapps that just make you want to have more and more?? Someday I dream of actually sitting at my scrap table and getting to play with all the new stuff I have accumulated over the last few weeks, but for now, I'm putting in some cleaning music and getting moving!


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