Monday, October 03, 2005

on my mind this way-too-early Monday morning, in no particular and no promise of their relative importance...

* my new favorite phrase: touched by His noodly appendage!

* my girls' b-day's are both next week. My baby will be 4! Hard to believe. She seems so little and baby-ish to me still. Everything really is relative, I know that when my oldest daughter was 4 she seemed nearly grown up to me, having never had a child that old before. Now that I have an almost-14 year old, 11 year old and 8 year old, the almost-4 year old is practically still an infant in comparison. I wish she could stay little forever, I'm cherishing these quiet days alone with her when Daddy's at work and the kids are at school. Soon enough she will be trundling off to school with her own backpack and homework folder, and then who will be here to chatter, demand and make noise with me all day?

* my Grandma visited my dreams last night. I can't explain it any other way. It was more than just that I dreamed about her. I really woke up feeling like I had spent time with her. It feels good, I have missed her so much. It's not the same, of course it's not, but I do feel her presence and it fills up something in me that was painfully empty.

* Here is the blog of Elsie Flannigan, she is my new favorite scrapper. Her style is so fresh, whimsical and funky, I love it! Not sure if I could ever DO her thing, but I love it and it inspires me. Here's her gallery at 2peas

* we watched Hide & Seek last night (not exactly on the cutting edge of the newest happenings in the film industry, are we?). In case you forgot, it stars Robert DeNiro and Dakota Fanning. Actually, we didn't get a chance to watch the very end yet, and there are 4 alternate endings to watch too, so don't spoil it for me. But geez! No wonder I don't watch scary movies! I'm such a wimp, I was just totally freaked out the whole time. I kept thinking "why am I doing this to myself? Why don't I just turn on the light and read my book, at least that doesn't make me feel like I'm going to have a heart attack or be murdered at any moment." Yes, I am getting old!

* but not too old to have a favorite rock band...after a week's break U2 is back in concert tonight and back in Boston. It has been a dry week as far as u2 news goes and I can't wait for new stories and pics to start flooding in from the shows on the east coast over the next couple weeks!

* as if I needed another hobby to neglect, I'm thinking about taking up knitting and/or crocheting again for the winter. If I was really a smart and wonderful person I'd dig out the projects that I started last year and never finished, but since I'm not I'll probably start over again with all new supplies including needles, hooks and such. So much easier than looking through those pesky boxes of "stuff we don't know where to put" that are still piled in my closet from our last move.

* LOVE the new Tide To Go! If you are like me and are somewhat well endowed, then you are probably also like me in that you are constantly spilling food and/or drink on the front of your shirt. Tide To Go rocks! At the risk of sounding like a commercial, it's not a pretreater but rather an instant stain remover. It's basically a pen that you can carry in your purse, and if you get a spot you rub this pen on it and it will suck up the spot. It's like magic! Almost as awesome and life changing as Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, but not quite. Try it!


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