Sunday, October 16, 2005

Ok, my mother- and father-in-law aren't that bad, as far as in-laws go. We've never really gotten along super great, but I'm always glad to see them since it means my kids get to see their grandma and only grandpa. And my dh gets to see his parents, of course. So it's nice for them. But jeez. Not my favorite way to spend a Sunday. Just pretty boring and a major disruption of routine (by which I guess I mean I had to get dressed before noon and couldn't spend all day on the couch playing sudoku and watching movies like we do most weekends).

The upside is that my husband is MUCH more concerned with appearances than I am, so he has been knocking himself out all day cleaning house whenever his parents weren't looking. Along the same lines, he's also been (acting) a lot more patient with the kids and hasn't been yelling as much, since god forbid his parents see him as an actual person with those icky human faults and all. So I guess that's not a great upside in terms of his mental health, but it IS an upside for since my house is getting cleaner and my ears aren't ringing from the usual Sunday theatrics around here.

Tomorrow will be more of the same, but 3/4 of the kids will be at school so we'll have that much less distraction. My place has pretty much been to sit by my FIL on the couch, he's getting to be one of those old guys who falls asleep pretty much anytime there isn't someone talking directly TO him, and sometimes even then. So he doesn't mind of I play sudoku or read the paper and don't try to keep up my end of the conversation.

Got so so SO many ideas rolling around through my head, but can't find time to spend at my scrapping table. I've just been filling up page after page in my inspiration notebook, so when I do have time I can hopefully remember what it was I wanted to do. I also have a lot of blog updates to do, like my "what I'm reading now" list and I want to start another list on the sidebar of blogs I like to read, since I always enjoy those on other people's blogs. Not to mention I have hours of photo proofing to do still from when MY mom was here, and after this week we will have another huge amount of grandparent photos, and all the birthday pics from both girls...I just have a lot to do. I need an assistant or maybe I just need to start taking speed?? (kidding!)


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