Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Ok, I got this from Hanni's blog:
10 things about me right now:
1. My living room literally looks like a crime scene or aftermath of a minor natural disaster.

2. I have a big box of new scrapping goodies just calling me to come play and enjoy their scrappy goodness

3. it's cold and rainy out, supposed to snow tonight, and still their are bees and flies in my house. How is that possible?

4. I'm trying to decide whether to spend the afternoon doing housework or napping/reading. Guess which one I'd rather do?

5. I'm majorly looking forward to watching The Amazing Race tonight! Too much of my life revolves around tv these days, there are so many good shows on now that the fall season has started.

6. I haven't taken a shower in 3 days and MUST do so before I am allowed to leave the house! I have 2 hours left to procrastinate so I will probably hop in the shower about 1 hr and 55 minutes from now.

7. coming up with 10 things about ME is HARD!


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