Friday, October 28, 2005

not such a great night....

Today was a pretty good day, despite the fact that I was getting a little short with Lilly by the end of the day. She is a VERY talkative and VERY active little girl and it is intense to be alone with her all day. I think because she is the youngest of 4 kids, she is used to always having an audience for everything she does. When Daddy's at work and the big kids are at school, she only has me to observe her every act, and listen to her every word. And there is NO down time, if I'm not looking at her I hear "Mom, look! MOM!! LOOK!!" until I do. It is just very intense.
So I was maybe a little short tempered by the time the kids and Larry got home, but not too bad. We went and bought pumpkins, and it all went to shit from there.
Britt was going roller skating tonight, so she wanted to carve pumpkins the very *minute* we got home, and ended up having a big fight w/her dad because he said dinner was going to be first and we'd do the pumpkins tomorrow or Sunday. So after they quit fighting and she leaves, Larry ends up in another big fight with Tucker, this time because Tuck didn't clean the living room like he was told.
Then, when I've totally had it with the yelling and bickering, I decide I've done my chores for the day so I'm going to my room to scrap and listen to the audio book I uploaded on my ipod earlier today. Commence searching for said ipod, which was on the desk when I left to pick Larry up from work. I KNOW it was there, it was on the desk all day and I saw it there numerous times. Now, nothing. Can't find it, anywhere. I can only assume Britt took it roller skating w/her, but why?? All that's on it is u2 bootlegs and that audio book, probably not anything that she would even want to listen to. Of course she isn't answering her cell phone, so I can't ask her. I just can't figure out where it could be, I've turned this place upside down and it's nowhere.
Just really really frustrated and annoyed right now!! Somebody send finding-stuff-vibes my way before my head explodes or worse.


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