Saturday, October 15, 2005

my weekend, by the numbers

4=number of 14 year old girls spending the night at my house
12=number of hours notice my in-laws gave that they are coming to visit
1=number of messy houses I have to clean
100+=number of dirty dishes yet to be washed
3=number of huge piles of dirty laundry
1=number of huge piles of clean laundry
10=number of cards I have to make
1=number of scrapbooking layouts I finished Friday night
12=number of hours my darling husband is working today
0=number of man-hours of help I will get out of said dh, see above
6=number of packets of uncooked instant oatmeal my older son has eaten so far today
2=number of sudoku puzzles I have solved today!
28=number of dollars I have with which to feed my family of 6 for the next 5 days


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