Monday, October 31, 2005

I know, beyond all doubt, that if my dog could talk she'd say Halloween is her absolute least-favorite, most-hated day of the year. She is not an overly friendly dog in the first place, and she really gets worked up when someone comes to the door. Not that she's dangerous or anything, being a dachshund and very fat like she is. We haven't had a TON of trick-or-treaters tonight, but even so she is now in such a state that not only does she start barking frantically at any small sound from outside, she is also issuing random barks periodically. At this exact moment she is sleeping (hiding?) under a comforter behind the living room door and barking in her sleep every few minutes. Much more of this and she will just pass out from the stress.

My children came home from school with the news that the local roller rink is having free skating tonight if you come in costume, so that is where my family is at the moment while I stayed home to hand out candy. We took the kids t-or-t'ing before dinner, and I'm glad we did because even though we have no snow there IS a very cold wind blowing and it is not nice out! So, we got all our door-to-door begging out of the way and can spend the rest of the night warm inside where we belong. Or in my husbands case, careening around a cement room with wheels strapped to his feet, trying to keep track of a 4 year old monkey in a crowd of ghosts and goblins. At least ONE of us is home where we belong!

It was really strange and sad not taking the kids up to Grandma's to trick-or-treat for the first time since we've lived here. She lived in an exclusive area with a pretty private entrance, so never got any trick-or-treaters except us and my cousins when they were small. She would buy my kids big full-size candy bars, in fact I think last year she gave them each a BOX of fruit snacks, lol! She loved to see them in costume and act like she didn't recognize them. And every year she would tell the story about how when my brother and I were little my mom played a little trick on her. She drove us over to Grandmas but parked around the corner and just watched from there while we walked up to the door, so Grandma didn't see her and since this was the 1970's we had those crazy plastic masks on that everybody wore back then (I was Raggedy Ann, lol!), so Grandma totally didn't recognize us. She gave us the candy and then shut the door on us, we couldn't believe it, lol! Anyway, she would tell that story every year. I guess now I better start telling it every year, lest anyone forget.
I heard on the radio this morning that if you see a spider on Halloween it is a loved one who has passed away, looking in on you for the day. I've been looking for a spider all day.....


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