Monday, September 26, 2005

Well, my family has done more than our fair share of supporting the medical community today. The pharmaceutical companies should be loving us, too!
What was toothache yesterday turned into an abcess today. One side of my face is swollen and hot. Thank god it's not too painful {yet} I've had dental abcesses before and they can be horrible. So you can bet I was going to do my best to catch this early. Since I don't have insurance at all I don't have a regular doctor (my normal method of health care pretty much consists of hoping I never get sick and/or injured), I went to the ER. Got a shot of penicillin, and 3 prescriptions.

Meanwhile, starting at bedtime last night Lilly was complaining of pain when she went to the bathroom, so she wouldn't go at all. So we took her in to her pediatrician to have that checked out (it's just a small abrasion probably from not wiping good enough), and had her ears checked too while we were there. Of course she has another ear infection, so we left there with a prescription for antibiotics for her.

In the meantime, between my ER visit and Lilly's dr. appt we stopped back at home and found there was a message from the school secretary. Tucker was rough-housing in one of the classrooms between classes and fell OFF a desk he was standing on (!!) and then the desk fell on him. His ribs are abraded, but the scary thing was he was having pain with breathing. Needless to say, we got the dr. to see him along with Lilly and he is fine, just bruised up.

Kind of a crazy day to have that all happen at once, though. Hopefully we will all be feeling better tomorrow.


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