Friday, September 02, 2005

We have this neighbor who is starting to be a real drag. I don't know what the guy's story is, really, but I have my ideas. Lately every time we go outside, if he is home, he will come out and try to sell us something. Seriously. Everything from furniture, appliances, toys, housewares, tools...he has a constantly revolving stock of "stuff" that he tries to get money for. Yesterday it was a weird electronic game, sort of like a webcam for the tv, a karaoke type thing, something like that. I just said "no thanks" and that was it. Later when Larry went outside to roll up the windows on the van, the guy tried to sell him the same thing, and Larry was going to buy it! If you know my husband then you'll understand that. He hates to say no to anyone. I had to put the quits on that, and told him to just tell the guy that I said no. I noticed today when Lilly and I got home that he was out on his porch for once didn't run over to try to sell me something. I guess he's got the message now, but I'm sure he'll keep hitting Larry up. It is very annoying and after having an experience where we lived next door to drug dealers for over 3 years I just have ZERO tolerance for weird neighbors.


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