Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Lilly's doing great, pottying normally again and taking her antibiotics for the ear infection.
Tucker is fine, just bruised on his ribs but pretty much back to normal.
I slept pretty well last night and felt OK when I woke up, but my face is noticeably more swollen today. It is at the point that it's starting to push my lower eyelid up on the right side, so it's starting to block my vision. Also I definitely can't breathe through my nose. When I smile or talk it looks like I've had a stroke because the right side of my mouth doesn't move, due to the tissue being all swollen up. I took another dose of my antibiotic when I got up this morning and hopefully that will start to work soon! I'm putting cold packs on my face to hope to bring down the swelling. I'm trying to decide whether to go back to the dr. today, he said to come back if the facial swelling got worse but maybe I need to wait and give the antibiotics a chance to start working?


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