Wednesday, September 21, 2005

So, I've been in a kind of a dry place lately when it comes to blogging. I guess I'm rethinking why I blog and who I blog for, and now that I've reminded myself that it's for ME, more than anything or anyone else, I think I have my head on right again and can start writing more.

Right at this moment I'm listening to my much-played bootleg of one of the Seattle U2 shows that I went to last April. Last night they played the first US date on this 3rd leg of the Vertigo tour, in Chicago, and it sounds like an awesome show! They played Walk On for the first time since Elevation in 2001, and also played The First Time for, yes, the first time, ever! The First Time is on the Zooropa album and has never been played in full live before until last night. I bet that was so cool! I watched a little clip that someone took on their video phone last night, it was them doing Walk On, and Bono forgot the lyrics at the end and had to get someone offstage to give him a printed copy so he could finish the song. It was hilarious! Just about counting down the days until I see them again in Nov...

If you have ever done FlyLady then you will understand this next part. If not, go check out and then come back, lol. I decided that I needed to try some flylady techniques this morning because I have a lot to do around the house and not feeling too motivated. So I set my trusty timer for 15 minutes and gave myself that long to check out a few things online, before I started working. And I just have to say that 15 minutes is REALLY not as long as you think it is! I've reset that damn timer 4 times now and I'm still not done with even the basics of what I wanted to do online. At this rate I'm not going to get much done. I have to promise that the next time it goes off I WILL go do something else for the next 15 minute increment! I swear!

It's a Mama-and-Lilly day today, we are hanging out at home for the most part. It's 10:30am and we have already had a "tea" party consisting of Oreo's and milk. Breakfast, anyone? Lil got a new Dora Halloween dvd yesterday, so she is going to watch that while I "clean up the housework" as she likes to say. I'm hoping to get some time to scrap later on today, but I'm feeling like a nap is going to take precedence over that by this afternoon. 6:00 came really really early this morning.

I'm sure that timer is about to shriek at me, so I will stop here and hopefully check back later with a long list of things I have done!


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