Saturday, September 03, 2005


Not that I run my house like a well-ordered ship (I wish!) but mutiny is afoot and I'm displeased! For some reason, just in the last few days, my kids have started to refuse to do their chores. Just refused, as in, "what will you do if I don't do it?"
The amount of chores my kids are asked to do is negligible in the first place, even after almost 14 years of parenting I still struggle with the fact that I find it easier and simpler to just do it myself rather than cajole someone else into doing it. But we do give them each a chore or 2 a day to do, something like empty the garbage, or vacuum the living room, or feed the rabbit.
Now it seems like they are calling my bluff, it seems to have occured to them that I won't be beating them senseless if they don't do it, and grounding/taking away priviledges just doesn't seem to be that big of a deal to them. That pretty much leaves me with resorting to bribery or just yelling, sending them to their rooms, then doing the chores myself.


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