Friday, September 23, 2005

just when I thought I may have actually succeeded in quitting my job at the airport...nope. :banghead:

I'm going in this afternoon to cover for a no-show, then working her shifts for the next week or so. It's not a ton of hours, which is good because I have no childcare, etc, and I know I should be happy about the extra $$, but man! I'm not a real spontaneous person, if I'd have had more notice it would be fine but all of a sudden going in this afternoon, it just wasn't in my plan for the rest of the day.

Oh well, I'll be home around dinner time and we got a delicious looking salmon that Larry will cook up for him and I tonight. Should be yummy!

I moved my plasma donation to tomorrow, so hopefully that will work out and I won't lose that $ too. Then Sunday I'll be in the restaurant waiting tables which is nice because of the tips. So I shouldn't complain, but I never have found it hard to find excuses for complaining....

My mom is flying in on Thursday night, there is a hearing Friday morning for my aunts to appear and try to prove why they thought it was ok to steal $30K from grandma right before she died. Our lawyers are confident, so I anticipate a good time at the hearing watching them get raked over the coals and sent home empty-handed. That is, IF either of them shows up for the hearing, a big IF.

Then on Saturday we are finally getting Grandma's ashes interned at the masoleum. It has been just over a month since she died, so it is high time for her to be put to rest. My mom will be here for that, and then her and I will go to Grandma's condo and take any of her personal items that are left that we want. There will be an auction/estate sale in a couple weeks to sell all her furniture/antiques/etc. That is all being handled by the executor of her will. I hate, really HATE, to see her furniture and especially the family heirlooms being sold off. I'm going to do what I can to see if at least the antiques can go to the family members she wanted them to, there is my great-grandpa's huge roll-top desk that Grandma told everyone she wanted her oldest grandchild, my cousin Rich, to have. And there is also an antique wooden telephone that she wanted my brother to have. I really want those things to stay in the family. Selfishly, I'd love to have her couch and her bedroom set, but even if that stuff leaves the family I can live with it, if only the antiques can go to someone, anyone, in the family.

Ok, got to go to work now. The #1 and really ONLY reason I hate this job is the boredom factor, it is positively mind-numbingly boring and I can't stand it. I think I can just about handle it for a couple of hours, though, I'll just have to bring some reading material.


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