Friday, September 23, 2005

It is a cold, rainy, dark Friday, perfect day for staying home warm, dry and cozy. I've spent more time than I care to admit just curled up on the couch with a good book and a blankie this week. It has been nice and feels kind of like the calm before the storm as next week my inlaws were planning to visit. Just found out last night that they aren't coming after all, it's too bad for Larry and the kids who I know were looking forward to seeing them, but does take some of the pressure off me.

Since the weekend is looming I had planned to do some shopping with Lilly today so I wouldn't have to do it with all the kids during the weekend, but so far we haven't accomplished much. I did go to Target after dropping the boys off at school. I'm looking for 2 slipcovers and I know Target carries some nice white denim ones, but I could only find loveseat and couch size. I need to cover 2 chairs, not recliners but just regular upholstered swivel rockers. I was hoping to find the slipcovers, but now I don't know. Anyway, I got Lilly a new Dora dvd and picked up a couple other little things, then we headed home because it wasn't even 9am yet and a lot of places weren't open. I hate that!

So if I can get it together and get us both ready and back out of the house again I'm planning a trip to Sam's, the scrapbook store, Michaels, and Biolife for my plasma donation. But what I really want to do is just crawl back in bed and snooze the day away!


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