Thursday, September 15, 2005

good stuff....

~ listening to a bootleg of a U2 concert that I was actually at, especially listening to it on my ipod while doing housework! Almost as good as not having to do the housework at all, lol

~Lilly's first set of paper dolls, punching them out for her and showing her how the little tabs hold the clothes on, and remembering how much I loved paper dolls when I was a girl

~having our dryer fixed, even though it cost me $80 it is totally worth it because it doesn't take 2 hours to dry a load of clothes any more! which leads to....

~being all caught up on the laundry, *finally*. It sure makes getting everyone ready in the morning a lot easier when all the clothes are clean and put away!

~getting a new Stampin' Up catalog and drooling over all the great stuff in there, any new magazine or catalog is always fun to look at!

~reading a great book, "The Historian", and wishing it wouldn't end. Can't put it down, though, so I will be finishing it sooner than later!

~looking forward to a girls day out scrapping in Missoula on Saturday, mostly just looking forward to having a day away and doing some shopping, not that excited to see Lisa B. herself (for those who don't know, she is a "scrapbooking celebrity", if there is such a thing, which I don't think there really is but whatever! lol!) but it will be fun all in all.

~also looking forward to the beginning of an all new season of Survivor, it starts tonight and I can't wait! Pizza for dinner and Survivor for entertainment, it's a Thursday night tradition in our house. I do love the reality tv....

~75% off school supplies at Target, all stocked up for the rest of the year now!


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