Saturday, August 06, 2005

We went to the fair! You can see the photos in my flickr sidebar, if you click on one of them it will take you to my photostream where you can see them all. It was expensive, it was exhausting, it was fun. I'm glad it only comes once a year, but I'm glad it comes!

My mom is flying in on Wed, leaving on Sunday. Finally after *several* itinerary changes I think it is pretty much set now. It will be good, let's all hope WW3 doesn't break out between the sisters, shall we?

Today is a not-so-good day. It is hot and that makes everyone cranky. The kids are getting stir crazy but will NOT go out to play, what is with that? They don't want to swim or do anything, but they are running around the house being wild. Right now they're playing hide & seek, which doesn't seem very challenging in a small house like ours, but whatever.
I went to Michael's on my way to Biolife and got Designing with Stamping, but even that didn't really cheer me up. Then on my way home I stopped at a scrapbook store I used to work at. Before I worked there I was a regular customer and went to all the crops, etc. So I haven't been there much since I stopped working there, but I thought maybe getting some new supplies would cheer me up, so I went there today. Walked in a saw so many of my old friends hanging out, scrapping, shopping and having fun. It just really made me sad, to see what I lost, and it wasn't by choice or by anything I did. I know I'm all about letting go these days, but sometimes when you are really low it's hard to do. I wish I had those friends and that support system still, and not understanding where it all went wrong just makes it that much harder.
So now I'm home, and my house is a mess, and my kids are cranky and I'm cranky and it's hot and I don't feel like making dinner and....ugh. Thank god there's always a tomorrow and the chance that it will be a better day.


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