Tuesday, August 09, 2005

It looks like Grandma will be going home today or tomorrow. After evaluating her post-radiation cat scan and comparing it to her pre-radiation one, her oncologist decided that it didn't do any good and in light of that there wouldn't be any point in doing chemo, so she is going home. He's giving her about 2-4 weeks.

Obviously, this is devastating for Grandma. She was still clinging to hope that the chemo would work and she would have that 8-12 mos left. She was very upset last night when we went to visit and just in very very low spirits.

My mom flies in tomorrow afternoon, and my cousin (Colleen's son) and his family are coming this weekend from MN. My younger cousin (Eileen's younger daughter) is coming from IN hopefully by the weekend. I don't know if either of my siblings are going to be able to get here to say goodbye, actually I should rephrase that to say I don't know if either of them are going to try to get here to say goodbye.

Everything is of course complicated by the fact that my aunts are both totally and completely insane and worried only about doing what is best for themselves, or most convenient for themselves, or easiest. I can see the potential for a big fight just to get them to let her go home, they keep stalling and I know it's because it is easier for them if she stays in the hospital. That makes me so angry I can harly stand to feel it. Grandma owns her own home and just wants to go there and die there. Money is not an issue, it is just the convenience of the 'Leens that has kept her in the hospital this long. I'm praying and hoping they will do the right thing before we have to step in, but we will do that if we have to.


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