Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The 2nd day of school is over, the kids seem to like their teachers so far. It is nice to be getting back into a routine! Last night the boys didn't go to sleep before 11pm, so it was nearly impossible to get them up this morning, but we ended up getting everyone where they needed to be on time. Bedtime is moved up an hour tonight, maybe this way they will fall asleep earlier!

Lilly and I had a nice afternoon shopping and eating out at Applebee's with our buds Leslie and Hallie. Lil had so much fun w/Hal that as we were saying goodbye she kept telling Hallie "Call me when you get home!". Too cute. We were pretty bummed to find out that our favorite restaurant is closed! That sucks. Now we have to find a new favorite restaurant!

Tomorrow we are taking Lilly to her new preschool to look around and meet her teachers. She is so excited! She'll be going 4 mornings a week for 2 hours at a time. Just enough for her to have some fun new things to do, but not TOO much. She starts next Tuesday.


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