Thursday, July 07, 2005

YES, I'm still alive! Just no time to blog these last 2 days, but after tomorrow work will slow down (for me anyway) a lot so I will try to catch up. I miss my life and find that work just has a way of being a total hinderance to REAL life, lol!

If you don't want to spend money, stay out of Michael's, they have a ton of new stuff! Ahhhh!! Looking for a new coupon in the paper this week, I hope there is one because there is suddenly a lot of stuff there that I want to buy, lol!

got to go collapse into bed and hope I can cajole my hubby into doing a load of laundry so I will have something to wear to work tomorrow. I'm good at cajoleing (cajoling?)!

I feel so sad about what happened in London this morning, it has been on my mind all day and I had a lot of interesting conversations about it w/random people going through the airport today. It is just so sad, and I have only read a little bit of info on it, haven't even read many of the details. I wonder what the repercussions on the G8 will be? I know Blair left Gleneagles this morning to return to London, so already I imagine him being gone will be a major roadblock to getting anything definitive done w/the rest of the G8. I wish I had time to read more about it tonight, I will have to try to catch up this weekend when I do have time.



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