Saturday, July 02, 2005

woo hoo!!

I got up early this morning and watched u2 perfom at Live8 in London. I actually missed the opening song w/Sir Paul, but did see that they thankfully were NOT dressed in Sgt. Pepper's uniforms, lo. I saw u2 perform Beautiful Day, Vertigo and One. Great way to start the weekend! Now I'm headed for coffee and trying to wake up the rest of the way...

Edited to add: I loved the white doves they released from onstage during beautiful day, and the shots of the doves wheeling above the crowd, just gorgeous. Loved how the sun came out during "One" in a way that, as someone else put it, only God or Bono could have planned. Loved hearing them play a snippet of Unchained Melody at the end of "One", that's Larry and my song! All in all it was great, I'm hoping to catch the London closer w/Paul playing The Long and Winding Road.


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