Sunday, July 03, 2005


so, we just got home from work. Larry and I both worked the same shift today so that was nice (we both work at the airport, different jobs). It's just past noon so we have lots of the day left to play. And it is an absolutely gorgeous day out! Larry and the kids want to go for a drive and then hike, I'm pulling for staying home for a backyard picnic. We have this huge backyard with lots of trees and gorgeous grass (one nice thing about all the rain we've had this spring!), and we never take advantage of it. So I'm all about staying home and enjoying the afternoon. I might end up home alone while they go out and about, and that'd be fine, too.

I left a chore list for the kids this morning, it was so nice to come home to a somewhat-clean house! I'm going to work on laundry this afternoon and hopefully get it all done.

I've been dreading this coming week at work so much, I'm scheduled for beaucoup hours and that is just really hard when I have to leave the kids home w/Britt in charge. I am too much of a homebody, I do best when I have lots of time at home, as long as I have some occassional outings too, preferably for shopping, lol. Anyway, tomorrow I'm working breakfast in the restaurant, so at least I will get some tips and it is something different to do. Then I'm in the gift shop from 12-6, it shouldn't be too bad either because it will be busy. I'm not getting along real well with this one lady at work. She is a lesbian (not that there's anything wrong with that...) and she just loves to flaunt that fact in your face. I really don't care who she goes to bed with, but I don't necessarily need to hear all about it, either. Anyway, we are just not getting along real well, call it a personality conflict.


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