Saturday, July 16, 2005


finally, a break in the weather! It's looking kind of cloudy/thunderstormy out there right now, it would be awesome if we got a good rain shower tonight! Either way, it was cooler today and supposed to be in the 70s tomorrow, so it's a nice break from the high 90s we've been having. Makes everything so much more bearable!

~Gramma: pretty much the same. Got the pathology results back, it is small cell carcinoma which started in the lungs and has since metastasized into the brain, liver and probably kidneys and thyroid as well. The surprising news is that she is to start chemo on Monday (?!). If it will help, then great, but I'm just really surprised and concerned that no one is taking the time to really talk to her and find out if she's really making an informed decision. I'm concerned that the chemo will only buy her a little time, a matter of weeks, but that it will make her so sick that the quality of that time will be awful. It's just a real concern, she is so weak and disoriented already, I just have my doubts about how she will tolerate chemo. Hopefully on Monday we can schedule a family consult w/her oncologist, her refular dr, the discharge planner and the hospice people to go over some of these issues.

~kids: the words of the day are as follows: Harry Potter! I got 2 copies at walmart this morning, one for Britt and one for everyone else. She and Tucker are both immersed in the book, and the rest of us impatiently wait our turns. I never did finish re-reading the previous book, so I'm going to keep on with that until it's my turn to learn the secrets of the Half Blood Prince!

~work: none. I got a phone call from the person who does the scheduling this afternoon, so I don't know what that means but I didn't call her back yet. I have most of next week off as well and am not in a hurry to go back. I even skipped my plasma donations for this week, so I am pretty much strapped for cash right now! Which reminds me, could NOT doing my usual twice a week plasma donation cause me to retain water?? Because my ankles are swollen up like balloons, and the last time this happened just happened to be the last time I missed a week of donating! Coincidence? Lucky for me I have a regular reader who works at the plasma donation place, so I anticipate an answer soon. ;-)
Check with the phlebs and see what they say, Tink!

~scrapping: none. I suck. WAIT! I forgot, I didn't do any scrapping but I *did* do a little some cool Karen Foster patriotic papers for doing the fireworks photos, and also I got the Quickutz playstation controller die, it is so cute! I don't know that I have any pics of the kids playing it to scrap, but God knows I could take some any day of the week, lol. All we have is the old-school PSone but my kids love it, especially Barrett who is currently deeply involved in playing Atlantis. Love Blockbuster for having 99 cent/5 night video game rentals!


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