Wednesday, July 20, 2005

quick early morning update...

I'm off to my "Monday" at work in about an hour, but wanted to fit in a quick blog entry first.

~Gramma: was moved to the transitional care unit yesterday, we went to visit her there yesterday and she looked SO much better. Partly because she was wearing street clothes, but also her spirits were much higher and she was actively talking, walking w/a walker and making sense. I don't know what changed so much overnight, but it was nice to see her back again! We read her chart and noticed that she has put a DNR (do not resuscitate) in place, I guess things are slowly sinking in and she's maybe starting to realize and admit to herself that this isn't going to go away. It's sad but also good to see some of her denial breaking down.
I got a grocery sack full of pictures from her yesterday, I'm going to scan them in the computer and then bring them back to her. It was SO much fun looking through those old photos, some of them are 100 years old! A scrapbookers wet dream, for sure.

~kids: Lilly's funny for the week (so far): she came up to me and said "Mom! Tucker won't quit messing with my shit!" after he was bugging her while she was setting up her little people farm in the living room. Why is little kids swearing so darn cute?? lol!
Brittany is babysitting today while we're at work all day, so I anticipate coming home to a messy house and utter chaos in general. Just something to look forward to all day while I'm at work...

~me: I'm doing ok. My sinuses from hell are bothering me again, I figured out yesterday that I've been taking about 20 ibuprofen a day. That can't be good, can it? I just finished a week of penicillin and it really didn't do any good, I don't know what's next to try. I did sleep like a baby last night, thank god I still have a little tylenol w/codeine left for times like that. I really need to get something done about this sinus thing, though, but who has the time or money for it?? not me!

I'm about 70% done with the Half Blood Prince, it is getting good! I'm going to take it to work w/me today and try to sneak in a little reading between flights.

~scrapbooking: still nothing! I did get a few new supplies yesterday, and am totally motivated and inspired to scrap but haven't had the time yet. Maybe later tonight or early tomorrow??


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