Saturday, July 02, 2005


ok, I'm freaking. I can't believe what I've seen in the past few hours...The Who totally rocking it, how about that Pete? He almost just about gives my Edge a run for the money in the Guitar Hero category.

And then Pink Floyd. PINK FLOYD!?! Together again, all 4 of them, on one stage, and doing 4 songs no less. Never thought I'd see it, ever. I'm incredibly moved and I'm not even a pink floyd fan, lol!!

Then Paulie Macca brings down the house, he is {Rockin}, even did Helter Skelter! And of course The Long and Winding Road, bound to bring a tear to my eyes, and it did. Gotta love Sir Paul.

Now they're on the finale, everyone singing the chorus from Hey Jude. God, I can't WAIT to get the torrents of this!!!

I'm totally WAY late picking Larry up from work, but I couldn't leave right when Paul was about to take the stage. Larry will live. ;-)

What a day!


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