Thursday, July 28, 2005

I'm blog-entry-title-challenged, I think I need to just stop trying to title them at all!
Just a quick update here, I'm sick and tired (that's literal, not the beginning of a rant-n-rave...) and have lots left to do before bed.

me: I had a nice dinner out w/my pal Tink and went to a class at the lss. We did a Bazzill zipper album and it was fun. Came home with a bag full of new color of cardstock and a cute pink and brown album!
I haven't been seeing my counselor lately, it's just really hard to schedule appointments especially in the summer when the kids are home. But I've resolved to call her tomorrow, with all that's going on w/Gramma I think this would be a good time to have a professional involved, lol!

Gramma: Is increasingly confused and argumentative, at the same time she is also happier and more relaxed in some ways, probably due to the antidepressants they have her on now. It's looking she will be going home later next week or early the week after, her last radiation is this coming Tuesday but she is very very weak and will need 24 hour care once she's home. Still planning on doing chemo, about 2 weeks after radiation stops.

I need to have an at home day tomorrow, so if I can pull that off I will hopefully find time to do a more extensive blog update.


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