Friday, July 22, 2005


I have a hard time coming up with great titles for my entries, I'm sorry about that! lol!

I'm working today 12-6, so I just have a few minutes before I head out. I tried really hard to quit this job the other day but I'm still there, lol! I won't go into all the back story here, but suffice it to say I wasn't particularly looking for this type of job when I was offered it, it kind of fell into my lap. And now with everything going on w/my Gramma and the kids being home for the summer, it is really hard for me to be working so much, but I can't seem to get out of the job or cut back on hours. The whole thing is just weird!

saw Grama yesterday at the hospital, and Eileen and I took her home for a couple of hours on a pass. She has been wanting to get home for so long, she said she left for the hospital in such a hurry that she left things undone at home. So we got her there, it's only 2 blocks from the hospital which was handy. But it took everything out of her just to get her to the car and then from the car into the house, I was seriously afraid we would have to call the ambulance to come and take her back since we didn't have a wheelchair with us and she was just so weak and worn out. It was really sad, and I think it also made Gramma take another look at the reality of her situation. She started almost crying and said she just wants to be here for Christmas. You'd have to know my Gramma, she is not a big cryer and doesn't like to show emotion at all, so this was a big deal. She still doesn't seem convinced that she's not going to get better, but she is starting to realize it little by little. I'm so glad Eileen and I can be here for her right now, but where the hell is the rest of the family?? Gramma has always been there for everyone, and now they can't even call or send flowers or anything? It makes me really angry.

Still haven't scrapped, I did get the new Paperkuts mag and the new Card Creations 3 so at least I can read those while I'm at work and wish I was home scrapping. Looking forward to going to a Bazzill zipper album class on Thursday night with my buddy Tink!

u2 played the last 2 nights in Milan, Italy and the shows were filmed for future dvd release. Can't wait!! Speaking of dvds, it was announced that the Live8 dvd will be out in November and will feature the Philly and London shows. Still no word on whether it will show all the acts from those 2 venues, or whether the other venues will be realeased on separate dvds. Something else to look forward to, though! While we're in u2 land, The Edge is on the cover of Guitar World magazine this month. I haven't read it yet but I hear it has a lot of info inside on his rig and stuff, should be cool. It came with a cd-rom, too, I think showing some of his rig and set up. U2 is on the cover of Mojo magazine this month, too, which is kind of the UK version of Rolling Stone. It came with a cool "u2 jukebox" cd of songs hand picked by the boys, it is some of their favorites from now and going back to some of their early influences. There are about 13 songs on there, it is really interesting to listen to! Some of it is music that I just plain do not like, but some of it is great. Love that they included The Arcade Fire's Wake Up, it is the last song they played on the PA before they came on stage during the Vertigo leg 1 shows (not sure if they are still doing it now that they are on leg 2...) and everytime I hear that song it takes me back to those last moments before the Seattle 1 show, as I was standing in the crush of fans right up against the stage and knowing that in a matter of moments I would be seeing Bono live in person for the first time ever, it was like it wasn't real to me until that minute! I love reliving those moments. Here's a pic I took, this is pretty much my first view I had of any of the boys, they came out one by and one and grabbed these spotlights and took a circuit around the catwalk shining the lights on the crowd. Larry came first:

then Adam:

then Edge, but for some reason I missed getting a pic of him as he went by too fast, then Bono was last:

Those 3 pics are all mine (and not examples of my best photography!). These 2 aren't ones I took but they are my favorite pics of Bono w/the spotlight. I don't know who took them or I'd give them credit here for sure!


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